I Do It For Your Love, Bill (1989)

I do it for your love, Bill

Tribute to Bill EVANS on PARIS

Elene DEE (voice) – Eddie GOMEZ (double-bass) – Henri FLORENS (piano)

Label : La Lichère

Distribution : OMD

6 pieces : Elene DEE (lyrics) – Bill EVANS (music)

Elene DEE created her own technic in order to perform on the music of the pianist Bill EVANS. Elene sang on the Bill EVANS’s right hand improvisation in original keys, she creates a vocal technic, adapting the range of the piano to her voice. Passion, perfectionism & integrity allowed her to be successful in this vocal challenge.

Cauchemar d’égout – 34 SKIDOO

Blue ou green – Blue and green

Les Evansiens – T.T.T.T.

Bill – Quiet Now (D. Zeitling)

Very early

I Do It For Your Love, BILL