What is special about Elene here is that she does not piagarize her celebrated seniors, she is simply herself. Improvisation is her natural ground, and she is unforgettable. A real treat.

Femmes Actuelles

What a gamble ! What a long shot ! (…) The record speaks for itself with a strange and disturbing charm. Elene Dee’s voice is beautiful and ambulates à la Yma Sumac on every level.

Philippe ADLER


To say it straight, the vocalist has succeeded in a real performance. A challenge met. (…) Passion and a touch of craziness !

André JOLY

La voix du Nord

Whit a zest of suspicion. I found Elene Dee’s record slightly intriguing, but this negative feeling disappeared the first time I listened to it. I was surprised to discover a truly great technical voice coming from one who has a remarkable way to render the ENORMITY of the celebrated pianist.

Jazz Notes

An admirable performance : Elene Dee displays a great vocal mastery with a pointed musical adaptation and gift for words. (…) Her phrasing is dizzying. (…) Without a doubt, the discovery of a vocal talent with a strong temperament.


Jazz Magazine

A new voice with an interiorised elocution and sophistication sometimes jeering. But whether profusion or declamation, with rigor. The fact is, Elene Dee likes these “skids”, this original way she has of emplaning and integrating herself with contrasting cascades of tessitura.


Jazz Magazine

A very expressive, torn, broken, ethereal and gentle voice. Elene Dee vocalizes Bill Evan’s harmonic richness and delicate sensibility wonderfully and successfully while affirming herself as a genuine jazzwoman, uniquely warm, alive and subtle.


Swing Journal

A perilous, ambitious and risky enterprise that revisits Bill Evan’s universe while enchiring it with French lyrics, without misrepresenting the pianist’s poetic message. Singer Elene Dee comes on the scene with rare brio. Bravo to both her approach and success in seeing it through. One hand an homage to the master and on the other, an innovative tribute that confirms the presence of a talented singer. The lyrics, if sometimes difficult to understand due to the dexterity with which they are sung, are worked to perfection. They touch us as much as they emotionally represent the great Bill.

Frédéric SOUPA

Jazz Hot