When night turns into day to Metheny (2011)

When night turns into day to Metheny

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BAND : Elene DEE (voice) – David BERKMAN (piano) – Billy DREWES (saxophones) – Dominique DI PIAZZA (bass) – Manhu ROCHE (drums) – Thomas BRAMERIE (double bass)

* The selected pieces, “Pat Metheny from 1977 to today” :

The work, the approach represent various moments of reflections: tempi, atmosphere, periods, feeling in different moment of his music story.

* The periods chosen :

– With Jaco Pastorius, “Sirabhorn, Umbrellas”

– JAZZ TRIO with Roy HAYNES Trio and Dave HOLLAND, “Never too far away, You’re Never Alone”, “3 Flights Up, Fly like a bird”

* Tour 2000 “Too soon tomorrow, Until Now”

* with Jack DEJOHNETTE, Michael BRAEKER on “Every day I thank you, I thank you Every Day”

* tours, (the trio) “Night Turns Into Day” (Grenadier. ..) and his band “The road to you, The road to your heart”

“Why Pat METHENY, because it gave me so many eclectic ways of his music for my voice : to go in cascades of unusual sounds,  to develop new technics, to keep (usually) the original key, to sing harmonies in some registers , with the desire to keep a vocal elasticity. Each piece corresponds to a space time of the musical life of Pat METHENY. This is a panorama. The last piece is a sign in DUET.”

Elene DEE

Until now (Too soon tomorrow) :

Inspiration (Question & Answer) :

When night turns into day (Night turns into day) :

Umbrellas (Sirabhorn) :